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  • Annie Andrews

Dr. Annie Andrews Releases Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Dr. Annie Andrews, Lowcountry pediatrician and Democratic candidate for South Carolina’s First Congressional District, released the following statement in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

“Today I stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the international community in strongly condemning Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack a sovereign nation. The United States and its allies must send a strong and unwavering message to both Putin and the world that this attack is unacceptable. The consequences must be historic and overwhelming.

I am incredibly disappointed in both of my opponents - Nancy Mace and Katie Arrington - for their decisions to blame America for Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian thug and is solely responsible for countless attacks against Russia’s citizens, journalists, and the United States. Any attempt to blame America only helps Putin and his tyrannical quest for additional power. I strongly urge my opponents and all elected officials to ignore the urge to politicize this moment and to put their country ahead of their party. Now is the time for strength and resolve, not political opportunism.

Our job now must be to protect freedom and democracy by subjecting Putin and his cronies to paralyzing economic sanctions and expelling the Kremlin from the international community. My heart is with the people of Ukraine and I will continue to pray for a swift and peaceful resolution.”

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