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S.C. Supreme Court temporarily blocks 6-week abortion ban

Andrews blasts Senate Committee

The S.C. Supreme Court’s order came while the S.C. Senate Medical Affairs Committee heard public testimony in Columbia on S. 1373, a proposed bill seeking an almost total abortion ban that would make it a crime for anyone to provide an abortion outside of a medical emergency. The Senate bill would also restrict the ability to share information on abortion, which has drawn broad criticism by the press on free speech grounds.

Medical experts and community members spoke about the ramifications of restricting abortion access during the hearing.

Dr. Annie Andrews, a Mount Pleasant Democrat running for Congress in the First Congressional District, reminded senators she’s testified before to refute conservative talking points on Covid-19, gun violence and abortion.

“I am here again, today, to tell you that this bill is not consistent with established science and this bill will kill women and turn doctors into criminals,” she said in prepared testimony. “But will you listen to me? Unlikely. Time after time you deny science, you turn away expertise, all so that you can score political points and win your primaries.

“You consistently put political science over actual science. You should be ashamed.”

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