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  • Andrew Davis, WSAV

Lowcountry Pediatrician announces run for Congress

She toppled the incumbent Congressman more than a year ago. Now current South Carolina First District Congresswoman Nancy Mace is getting ready to face a new challenge.

The first Democratic candidate for 2022 made her first step toward the campaign trail Monday.

“I come at this from the perspective of a mom and a pediatrician and problem solver. I want to solve problems for the people of this District. I have no interest in a career in politics. I want to go solve problems, come home be with my kids, and be a doctor.”

Dr. Annie Andrews is a Medical University of South Carolina pediatrician, a political newcomer with strong views on the pandemic.

“First and foremost we have to get out of this pandemic. There has never been a more critical time for people with a scientific background to be in Washington.”

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