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  • Caitlin Byrd, The Post and Courier

First TV ads in SC congressional race focus on guns, inflation - but not solutions

It’s inflation versus guns in dueling TV ads released this week in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District race where the two candidates are staking out issues to motivate midterm voters but, so far, aren’t using the airtime to offer solutions.

In her first TV ad of the general election hitting the airwaves this weekend, Democrat Annie Andrews holds up a bullet from an AR-15 style rifle and makes gun violence a top focus in her November race against Republican U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace.

It came one day after Mace launched her debut TV ad of the general election, where the congresswoman dings Democrats for record-high inflation as she unpacks two bags of groceries and cooks breakfast.


In her ad, Andrews compares the bullet she holds in her hand to an eraser. Footage of family life events, from kids’ birthdays and beach trips to proms and graduation, begin to play on-screen as she explains the analogy.

“As a doctor, I’ve seen it erase 10th birthdays, family vacations, school dances and so much more. Because guns are erasing our kids,” she said.

Asked why Andrews did not elaborate in her TV spot about the gun control measures she would like to see enacted, her chief strategist Tyler Jones replied, “She’s been talking about solutions the entire campaign.”

“This is the first ad. This isn’t the only ad,” Jones said, confirming the 30-second spot began airing district-wide this weekend on both broadcast and cable. “This is just the beginning. This is identifying a serious challenge facing not just the Lowcountry, but every community in America that Nancy Mace has ignored and turned her back on.”

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