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  • Annie Andrews

Dr. Annie Andrews Wins Debate Against Nancy Mace

Tonight, Lowcountry pediatrician and Democratic nominee for South Carolina’s First Congressional District Dr. Annie Andrews won the debate against Rep. Nancy Mace.

Dr. Andrews touted her experience as a doctor and said that Lowcountry voters need leaders who will solve problems instead of looking for people to blame for them. She highlighted her plans to protect women’s rights, expand healthcare access, and reduce gun violence in the Lowcountry.

“This isn’t about placing blame, it’s about solving problems,” Dr. Andrews said. “As a pediatrician I can’t walk into a patient’s room and blame someone, I have to solve their problem, and that’s what I’ll do in Congress.”

Dr. Andrews slammed Nancy Mace for sponsoring a national abortion ban with no exceptions, as well as her many no votes on legislation that would reduce inflation, cap the price of insulin, increase gun safety, decriminalize marijuana, and fix our roads and bridges.

Dr. Andrews called out Nancy Mace’s hypocrisy on supporting Donald Trump. “After January 6, she said he should never hold office again. But now in just a matter of months, she says she’ll vote for him. How do you explain that in any way besides blind loyalty and hyperpartisanship?”

She also criticized Nancy Mace’s hypocritical position on marijuana, contrasting it with her own pro-legalization stance. “Nancy Mace says she supports decriminalizing marijuana, but she voted against decriminalizing marijuana,” Dr. Andrews said.

Tonight’s debate is the only debate in the general election for SC-01.

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