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  • Annie Andrews

Dr. Annie Andrews Releases Statement on Leaked Supreme Court Ruling

Today, Lowcountry pediatrician and Democratic candidate for the First Congressional District Dr. Annie Andrews released the following statement regarding the leaked Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade:

“As the only candidate for SC-01 who supports Roe v. Wade, I am extremely troubled by the leaked draft opinion that would strip every woman in America of her constitutional right to a safe abortion. It is critical that Congress codifies Roe v. Wade as soon as possible to ensure women's healthcare rights are protected by federal law. If there are not 60 votes in the United States Senate, I support ending the filibuster on an issue as important as this.

Outlawing abortions will not end abortions; it will only end safe abortions. As a physician, I cannot in good conscience support a policy that puts women's lives in danger, particularly the lives of the most vulnerable women in our society. I know how personal and difficult these decisions are for women and I believe they should be left as just that - a choice for women, without the intrusion of the government.

Reproductive rights are central to gender equality. In a field full of female candidates, I am disappointed, but not surprised, to be the only one willing to fight for women’s rights. The voters in SC-01 must know that I will never stop fighting for equality for women, including reproductive freedom.

Nancy Mace and Katie Arrington will vote to outlaw abortion in every corner of America. I will vote to allow women to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions. This is a pivotal moment in our nation’s history and the voters of SC-01 have an opportunity to affect the outcome of this fight for women’s reproductive freedom. The choice for voters could not be more clear.”

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