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  • Annie Andrews

Dr. Annie Andrews Releases Statement on Katie Arrington Launching Another Bid for Congress

Dr. Annie Andrews, Lowcountry pediatrician and Democratic candidate for South Carolina’s First Congressional District, released the following statement regarding Katie Arrington’s planned Congressional run:

“Katie Arrington and I differ on most issues but we agree on one thing: Nancy Mace has sold out the Lowcountry and the people she represents in a selfish quest to become a media celebrity. She's more interested in climbing the political ladder and being famous than she is in delivering results for the Lowcountry. That's why both parties agree that it's time to defeat Nancy Mace.

While Katie Arrington is running to serve Donald Trump and Nancy Mace is running to continue serving herself, I am running to serve the thousands of Lowcountry families who simply want honest and effective representation.

As our community is forced to sit through a race to the bottom in the Republican primary, I look forward to offering a mainstream vision for the Lowcountry that prioritizes fixing our infrastructure, protecting our coastline, tackling inflation, toning down the dangerous partisan rhetoric in Washington, and building a brighter future for our kids.”

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