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  • Annie Andrews

Dr. Annie Andrews Calls on Congress to Temporarily Suspend Federal Gas Tax

Today, Lowcountry pediatrician and Democratic nominee for South Carolina’s First Congressional District, Dr. Annie Andrews, released the following statement calling on Congress to temporarily suspend the federal gas tax after President Biden announced he is considering supporting a gas tax holiday:

“Gas prices continue to climb to record highs and South Carolinians need relief at the pump. It’s time for action–that is why I am once again calling on Congress to lower gas prices by temporarily suspending the federal gas tax. Nancy Mace continues to point fingers and play politics while offering no solutions for this crisis. As a pediatrician, I don’t have the luxury of turning away from problems - I have to face them head-on. And that’s exactly what I will do when I am in Congress.”

Dr. Andrews previously called for a temporary suspension of the federal gas tax in March, when prices first began to spike.

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