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  • Olivia Wile, WJCL News 22

'Abortion is health care': Dr. Annie Andrews outlines priorities if she beats Nancy Mace

Dr. Annie Andrews is a pediatrics professor at the medical university of South Carolina and a pediatrician by trade, but the next title she’s working for is congresswoman of South Carolina’s first district.

WJCL 22 Anchor/Reporter Olivia Wile met up with Andrews during her stop at the Bluffton Farmer’s Market. She shared why she decided to enter the race and what principles she’s running on.

"My whole life, I was planning to be a doctor, but now that I'm a pediatrician and mom, I know our kids need a leader who will fight for them," Andrews said.

Andrews has no political background, but she does have a number of issues she says she'll push for in Washington.

"Urgent action on climate change, preserving our democracy, addressing gun violence," Andrews said.

She's going up against incumbent Republican congresswoman Nancy Mace. The two differ the most when it comes to abortion. When it comes to how she will work to persuade right-leaning voters, Andrews says that the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is playing a big role.

"I have talked with so many Republican women who are supporting me this cycle because this is unprecedented," Andrews said. "The Supreme Court took away rights we've had for 50 years, and people are waking up and realizing that's not OK."

She was a harsh critic of her Mace supporting a total abortion ban. In a separate interview, Mace denied the claims.

"I am a physician and I know abortion is health care," Andrews said. "When we ban access to abortion services in South Carolina, that becomes dangerous for women."

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